13 de abril de 2017

Dave Mail 61: The '62 Stratocaster's tremolo arm thrown away

On a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert in Milan, Italy, 2006, transmitted by MTV, at the end of the show, John starts soloing and the whammy bar breaks and is thrown away. Was there any damage to the bridge?

Dave Lee: "I remember that show very well. It was a particularly fun show. Those stock Fender tremolo arms don't last very long with as much use as John puts them through. I usually could tell when one was about to break, and changed it before he would get the chance to break it himself.  It was funny that night, because after he threw it in the audience he came over with a somewhat panicked look on his face saying "Oh Shit! Should I ask them to give it back?". I laughed and said "Don't worry about it". He didn't realize I had a drawer full of those tremolo arms."


Question by:
- Vinicius Furlan - Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Brazil
- Ygor Almeida de Oliveira - São Paulo, SP - Brazil

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