20 de julho de 2016

As Músicas Favoritas de John Frusciante - On The Record de 2004

“Lady Grinning Soul,” David Bowie
“The Musical Box,” Genesis
“Forensic Scene,” Fugazi
“The Trees They Do Grow High,” Joan Baez
“Holiday,” the Bee Gees
“Ride into the Sun,” Lou Reed
“Drugs,” Talking Heads
“Black Angel’s Death Song,” the Velvet Underground
“Wonderful Woman,” the Smiths
“White Queen,” Queen
“Epitaph,” King Crimson
“Frankenstein,” the New York Dolls
“Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World,” the Ramones
“Free Money,” Patti Smith
“Girl,” T.Rex
“Remember (Walking in the Sand),” the Shangri-Las
“Duke of Earl,” Gene Chandler
“Snow Blind,” Black Sabbath
“Police Story,” Black Flag
“Presence of a Brain,” Parliament
“Maybe,” the Chantels
“Be My Baby,” the Ronettes
“I Feel Love,” Donna Summer
“You’re So Fine,” the Falcons


Do Livro "On the Record: Over 150 of the most talented people in music share the secrets of their success" lançado em 2004, por Guy Oseary.

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