29 de dezembro de 2016

Dave Mail 1: How did the Major and the Jubilee interacted with each other?

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I would love to know how distorted John's tone actually was. I know his Major was cleanish but I'm curious how the Major and Jubilee interacted with each other.

Dave Lee: "The Major was very clean and as loud as we could get it. Very punchy. The Jubilee had just a little grit to it. But also mostly clean. All of his distortion was from outboard pedals. And his attack on the strings. I have to say, I'm not much of a guitarist at all. And when I played through his rig when we first were putting it together, I thought it was broken. Then he played through it, and it sounded great. It's kind of funny. After Dave Navarro left, and John first came back to the band, I was taking work with other bands. I had just done a stint working for Joe Holmes with Ozzy. His rig was so perfect sounding. Very easy to play through. Then I put together the rig John was wanting to use, and it just sounded wrong. Until John played through it. I think that's why people have so much trouble getting his "tone". I might not believe it if I didn't live it, but most of his signature sound is in his hands. If I tell someone "This is how you get his sound..." and they play through it, it usually doesn't sound that much like it should. It sounds crazy, but true."

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- David Simpson - Louth, Lincolnshire - Inglaterra

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