5 de fevereiro de 2017

Dave Mail 19: Trouble at Bercy, France

During a concert in Bercy, Paris, on Stadium Arcadium tour in 2006, John Frusciante had a problem with his pedalboard, that started during the beginning of "Throw Away Your Television". Do you remember what happened?

Dave Lee: "Gee, thanks for helping me relive that nightmare. Lol.

I remember that night being a real bummer. People should realize that when a problem occurs and the rig is not working, it's much better for the artist to keep playing. That way the tech can troubleshoot the problem. And then the sound will come out of the amp when the problem is sorted out. John had a bad habit of stopping playing. And sometimes even walking away. That would leave me to try to fix the problem, and play the damn guitar at the same time. That makes it much more difficult to fix the problem.

I don't remember what the issue was that caused the problem that night.

After the show, I was in the restroom backstage and was standing next a guy while we were both peeing. The guy said "Long night huh?". I kinda chuckled and said "Oh yeah". Then I realized it was Leonardo Dicaprio."

Scott Holthaus and the sign
At that same show in Bercy, John ended up cursing a fan that had a sign saying "John, let me play your guitar" - saying he was "bad vibing him". At the other night, John apologized and said that if that fan was present at the show, that he went to you and he would let him play his guitar. Do you remember that? Did this meet really took place and the fan played John's guitar? If so, that's a privilege for few people on earth.
Nicolas, the writer of the sign

Dave Lee: "I seem to recall the kid did in fact play John's guitar. At some point."

Question by:
- Alexandru Vatachi - Galați - Romania
- Victor Hugo Mendes Ferraz - São Paulo, SP - Brazil

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