25 de setembro de 2017

Dave Mail 93: The Martin D-28 and John Lennon's closet

Dave, can you tell me more about the '65 Martin D-28?

Dave Lee: "He wanted the D-28 because John Lennon was fond of them. We had done a couple of sessions with Sean Lennon. Sean was a big fan of John's solo work. Nice kid, Sean. At one session Sean pulled out this little electric keyboard. And said... 'Check this out. I found it in my dad's closet.' John and I kind of quietly looked at each other. I could tell we were thinking the same thing. 'What I could find in John Lennon's closet?'"

Question by:
- Raphael Romanelli Andrade de Oliveira - Ilicínea, MG - Brazil

Check out our interview with Dave Lee: Português | English

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