12 de fevereiro de 2017

Dave Mail 23: Expectations and memories from Brazil

In september 2017, Maroon 5 will come to Brazil for Rock in Rio. Dave, are you excited for that? You came here before with the Chili Peppers and some other times with Maroon 5, do you have good memories of the country?

Dave Lee: "Ok. This is a personal one.

I've always had fun in Rio. I love it there. But unfortunately one of the worst days of my life happened while in Rio (not Rio's fault). It was the first time I came there with M5. A few years ago. Upon getting to my hotel room, I turned my phone on, to find that my sister Nancy (who was one of the best people in the world) was terribly ill and in the hospital. The decision was made that we would do the Rock in Rio show the next day, and then I would fly home on the next flight after the show. But unfortunately, my sister was far more sick than we realized. She died that next morning. I obviously didn't make it home to see her. Now, every time I go to Rio, I can't help but think of that dreadful day. So, as much as I like Rio, there will always be that dark cloud for me.

But... I have to say one great memory I have of Rio was last time there, when Adam Levine sang "Girl From Ipanema" in portuguese (he worked very hard on that).
 The reaction from the crowd was something I'll never forget.

How's that!

Question by:
- Pedro Tavares - Maceió, AL - Brazil

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