12 de março de 2017

Dave Mail 32: The huge pedal chain during Stadium Arcadium

Did you help John choose the setup on the pedals beforehand or did he change them depending on what feeling he had at the shows? With that many pedals during the Stadium Arcadium tour, was there like a "textbook" with the pedals's setup? If so, do you still have it and can make it available for us? 

Dave Lee: "Haha. No textbook. He would just show up with some crazy new (or old) pedal and say "I wanna try this...". He usually already had an idea where he wanted it on the board. Josh does the same thing. "

Does John's setup still have any secrets we don't know about? Any particular thing that he demanded?

Dave Lee: "Nothing that I can think of."

Questions by:
- Leonardo Rodrigues - Cachoeira do Sul, RS - Brazil

Check out our interview with Dave Lee: Português | English

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