30 de março de 2017

Dave Mail 50: The amazing story of the '65 Duo Sonic

Dave, can you tell us a little about the '65 Fender Duo Sonic?

Dave Lee: "There's a story behind this one. We were setting up for rehearsals at the old Swinghouse in Hollywood. A couple of the crew guys and I were sitting outside at a picnic table in the parking lot. The band hadn't shown up yet.

A kid (maybe late teens) walked up the driveway with that guitar. It was trashed. At some point was in a swimming pool. And at another point was in a police evidence lockup. The kid said he heard it was once John's. And wanted to return it to him. We said "Ok. He's not here right now, but we'll give it to him", assuming it was probably a bullshit attempt to meet the band. He said thanks, gave us the guitar, and walked away.

When John showed up later, we kind of flippantly told him the story, and gave him the guitar. John took it. Looked at it. And quietly smiled and said "wow". I said "Why wow?". Then John said, "I wrote Under the Bridge on this guitar". We never saw that kid again."

Question by:
- Raphael Romanelli Andrade de Oliveira - Ilicínea, MG - Brazil

Check out our interview with Dave Lee: Português | English

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