24 de abril de 2017

Dave Mail 68: Foo Fighters - cruel and smart with the Chili Peppers

Can you tell us more about when the Foo Fighters invaded the Chili Peppers show at Off the Map, in 2000?

Dave Lee: "Haha. That video is actually a compilation of three different shows.

On that tour, we would do three weeks out on tour at a time. At the end of each three week leg, there were "end of tour" pranks. And the Foos were ruthless (mostly directed at Chad).

That tour was really fun. I love those guys. I just saw Taylor Hawkins at a Chili's show at Staples (L.A.) a couple of weeks ago, and we talked about those pranks. Fun times! We pranked them too though. But the Foos always "one-up'd" us.

At one show at Hershey Park, Pennsylvania, I walked out onstage in between Foos songs dressed like a hillbilly, playing my banjo (Dave Rat had rigged my banjo up with a wireless mic). The problem was though, a very suspicious Dave Grohl saw me hiding behind the amp line dressed like a hillbilly. So when I walked out onstage with my banjo, (looking ridiculous), Dave announced 'Ladies and Gentlemen, CHAD SMITH!' (It was very funny).

I walked up to his mic and said 'I'm Dave Grohl's little brother...' Dave whispered in my ear 'Can you really play that thing?' I said 'Yeah!'. And we did a short bluegrass jam.

Taylor and I had a good chuckle about that. It was great to see him the other day. Such a nice, very down to earth guy."


Unfortunately, there isn't any videos of the Foo Fighters' performance with the participation of Dave Lee dressed as hillbilly and playing banjo, but it happened on july 17, 2000.

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