29 de abril de 2017

Dave Mail 72: "Cant' Stop" and "The Zephyr Song" - the right hand dynamics

How did John Frusciante get such different tones live using the "main rig"? The best example I can think of would be the difference between the crunchier tone in "Cant' Stop" and the really clean tone in "The Zephyr Song". Was it something about Frusciante's right hand dynamics and the guitar's pickups?

Dave Lee: "Those two songs are a perfect example of John's incredibly dynamic picking style. Those songs played live would be using the exact same amp settings. I do seem to recall "Zephyr" was played on the neck pickup, and "Can't Stop" would be the bridge pickup. But his attack on the strings is very evident in those two examples."

Question by:
- Raphael Romanelli Andrade de Oliveira - Ilicínea, MG - Brazil

Check out our interview with Dave Lee: Português | English

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