1 de junho de 2017

Dave Mail 81: John Frusciante's use of delay pedals

In which way did John Frusciante's delay pedals were used? At one point during the Stadium Arcadium tour, he had four delays - a Boss DM-2, two Digitech PDS-1002 and a Line 6 DL-4.

Dave Lee: "John used delay pedals almost more like instruments then just delays. He didn't very often use them simply as "delays". Except for "Throw Away Your Television" (there may be a few others, but that one comes to mind). He would send some crazy distorted feedback into them and tweak the knobs to get a synth like sound. And manipulate that sound with the knobs on the delay like and instrument. Pretty cool."

Question by:
- Raphael Romanelli Andrade de Oliveira - Ilicínea, MG - Brazil

Check out our interview with Dave Lee: Português | English

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