1 de junho de 2017

Dave Mail 79: DS-2, Big Muff, Fuzz Factory... stomping out the fire

Around 2003 and 2004, John had 2 or 3 DS-2's on his board, as well as 2 Big Muffs and duplicates of other pedals. Were these all plugged into the main signal chain with different settings or as backups, or were some of them used for the second Jubilee?

Dave Lee: 
"Usually the distortion pedals were used in line. He would sometimes turn on all three (or more) at once. Just depended on how "over the top" he wanted it to go. Sometimes at the end of a song he would be stomping so many times turning off pedals that it looked like he was stomping out a fire. Lol."

Question by:
- Olly Green - Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire - UK

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