1 de junho de 2017

Dave Mail 83: John Frusciante's vocal technique

Does John Frusciante makes any vocal exercises before a show? If so, can you tell us?

Dave Lee:
 "Well, almost every professional singer I've known had had some level of vocal training from Ron Anderson (one of the nicest people in the business). And he has a certain warm up exercise that his students use. Mostly verbal scales, and blurby sounds (hard to describe motor boaty sounds). So, John would do those exercises. But one time I remember driving John to the studio and he was warming up to Queen songs in his car. Mostly singing the background "Roger Taylor" parts. Which are in a very high register. Once I remember him singing along with "I'm in Love With my Car" by Queen. Which the lead is sung by Taylor. I luckily got the opportunity to tell that  story myself to Roger Taylor. Taylor was somewhat humbled, and a bit embarrassed at hearing that. Saying that song had such "silly lyrics".

I told him I went through high school singing that song at the top of my lungs,while driving my '67 Camaro, and never thought there was anything "silly" about it. We laughed. He's a really cool guy. "

Question by:
- Victor Moraes - Salvador, BA - Brazil

Check out our interview with Dave Lee: Português | English

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