1 de junho de 2017

Dave Mail 87: John Frusciante and Dave Navarro's techniques

There is a "master class" video with Dave Navarro in 1995, in which you even make a short appearance. Though in practice, Dave Navarro shows a lot of technique and virtuosity, I can see that he had difficulties remembering basic names like "minor pentatonic scale". John, even though he exhibited a simpler and minimalist style in live concerts, talks lot in interviews of how he studied guitar for many hours a day, including studies about applying mathematics into music. The band fans, always comparing Dave and John, claim that Dave was more of a technique guy and John a more intuitive guy, having more feeling than technique. So, which one, in your opinion, was the greater student of the position of guitarist and used more of his knowledge?

Dave Lee: "Both of those guys know very well what they are doing. Understand that when Dave made that video, he tried to make it funny. Dave has a great sense of humor. And when they filmed it, he made a joke of every answer. It just didn't play out well in the end. Dave called me when he first watched the finished video. He was kind of bummed. The jokes didn't pan out well. He said it made him "look like a total a-hole". We laughed it off. He told me he read an email from a fan that simply said "Your Video Sucks!". We had a good laugh about that."

Starlicks Master Sessions with Dave Navarro about the One Hot Minute album of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, 1996.

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- Lucas Carvalho - Vitória, ES - Brazil

Check out our interview with Dave Lee: Português | English

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