25 de setembro de 2017

Dave Mail 103: Martin 0-15 vs Taylor 314ce

John Frusciante had two Martin 0-15 - both made between the 40's and the 50's. These acoustic guitars followed him in his solo shows and in the Chili Pepper's performances with acoustic parts, after the beginning of the By The Way tour. It looks like one of these, the one who appears on "Road Trippin" video, belonged to Anthony Kiedis.

Dave Lee: "One of those actually belonged to Rick Rubin. Not Anthony. The other one we bought from Norm's Rare Guitars."

During the recording of By The Way and in the beginning of the album tour, Frusciante used a Taylor 314ce from the 2000's as a request by Rick Rubin - even though he didn't like it. He said to Guitarist Magazine in 2003 that he preferred the Martins.

Dave Lee: "We bought it to use live because it had built in pickups. John never really liked it because it was new. One time he said, 'I play all these beautiful old electric guitars, why can't I play old acoustic ones?' So we put pickups in the Martins."

Questions by:
- Raphael Romanelli Andrade de Oliveira - Ilicínea, MG - Brazil

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