25 de setembro de 2017

Dave Mail 102: Frusciante's most expensive string instrument

There is an Enrique Garcia acoustic guitar from the 1910's in John Frusciante's instrument collection photographs taken in 2008 - which was unknown to the public, then. From what it seems, Frusciante used to practice classical acoustic guitar during the Stadium Arcadium tour.

Dave Lee: "John had put me on the lookout for a classical guitar. He said he wanted something really special, 'something Segovia would play'. We were on tour and rolling into Nashville. Our crew bus arrived around noon on a day off. The band was arriving later that night. I figured since I had time I'd go see if they had something 'special' at Gruhn guitars (Nashville's premier guitar store). And there was the Garcia. It was expensive. Very expensive. More so than any other guitar John had ever bought. So I called John on his cell phone and described it. John says 'I'll take it!'. So the accountant transferred the money to Gruhn. And I walked back to my hotel room. Later that night I brought it to John. He picked it up. Started playing it. And said 'Perfect! Exactly what I wanted.'"

Question by:
- Raphael Romanelli Andrade de Oliveira - Ilicínea, MG - Brazil

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