16 de novembro de 2017

Dave Mail 108: The Bycicle Thief - Bob Forrest and Josh Klinghoffer

You worked with John Frusciante since Californication, and in that time, The Bycicle Thief (Josh Klinghoffer and Bob Forrest's band) opened for a lot of shows on the tour. I want to know if you have any good memories about this band, even so that John recorded the solo for their song "Cereal Song". Any curious stories or something?

Dave Lee: "Ok. Bob Forrest is an angel. He's not only funny and cool. But his work in the world of helping struggling addicts is really making a difference. He's saving lives. That's a big deal.

When Bicycle Thief came on the road with us, they only had one crew guy. He was a friend of Bob's (still is. Chris Hoy. Great guy). But they couldn't afford a guitar tech. So, since I was already there, I took over tech duties for them. Their drummer was Chris Warren, who is Chad's drum tech (who I miss very much). I still talk to Bob somewhat regularly. He's amazing.

I was playing the banjo a lot then as a hobby. On a day off, Bob saw a banjo in a pawn shop and bought it for me. I thought that was really nice. Josh told me as payment for working for him, then he would buy me a sailboat when he's "rich and famous". Well... now he's rich and famous! Where the hell is my sailboat?

We joke about that everytime I see him."

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- Arthur Soave - Barueri, SP - Brazil

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