5 de janeiro de 2018

Dave Mail 112: Chris Cornell - crossed ways

On may 18, 2017, we received the sad news about Chris Cornell's sudden death. We know that John and Chris were invited in 2003 to a Pearl Jam benefit concert, and in 2007, John and Josh, alongside Depeche Mode, played at MusiCares, an event that payed tribute to Chris himself. Do you remember any of these events? Did you get to meet Cornell personally?

Dave Lee: "Back in 1989 I worked for Faith No More for about the first few months of their tour for 'The Real Thing'. We did a short tour with Soundgarden and Voivod. I became acquainted with Cornell then. I remember him being rather 'distant'.

I did not talk to him at that event. The main thing I remember about that MusiCares event was how very friendly Dave Gahan was. For some reason I wasn't expecting that."

Question by:
Mamede Neto - São Paulo, SP - Brazil

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