27 de janeiro de 2017

Dave Mail 13: Experimentations, Boss DS-2 and others

How did you guys used the Boss DS-2, the Big Muff Pi (replaced by so many others during the tour - including the English Muff'n) and the Fuzzrite Mosrite? Were they used in specific moments? A lot of Frusciante's distorted tone is credited to the mix of the Boss DS-2 and the Big Muff (used together in the sequence: guitar>DS-2>Big Muff>Amp). However, after the beginning of the Stadium Arcadium tour, the Big Muff started being used before the DS-2 (which makes the sound quite different from the DS-2>Big Muff). Why that change? Did the Fuzzrite started doing the Big Muff's job?

Dave Lee: "John experimented all the time. Moving pedals around, and trying old pedals he would find at music stores. No real reason for the changes. Just experimentation."

Could you explain how the DS-2 was really set?

Dave Lee: "I don't remember. "

In several internet forums around the world, there is a discussion about John's DS-2 pedal. Did he use a "made in Japan" or a "made in Taiwan" model? Did he have that concern about it?

Dave Lee: "I don't remember that one."

Questions by:
- David Simpson - Louth, Lincolnshire - UK
- Rodrigo Galafuz - São Paulo, SP - Brazil
- Will Galluccio - Contrada, Avellino - Italy

Check out our interview with Dave Lee: Português | English

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