29 de janeiro de 2017

Dave Mail 15: Dave Lee's heroes at Hyde Park

James Brown and Dave Lee.
In the interview for John Frusciante effects, you said you met a lot of your musical heroes during the Hyde Park shows. Who?

Dave Lee: "Well, as you might imagine, those Hyde Park shows were a pretty big deal. Over 3 days, quite a few british "celebrity musicians" are going to show up to a show that "important". 

The first, day John introduced me to Brian May, and I had a lengthy discussion with Roger Taylor (both of Queen). I was (and still am) a huge Queen fan. So that meant a lot.

Dave Lee and Boris Yeltsin.
I'm not one to take pictures with celebrities. But the next morning, I kept thinking that I had wished I'd taken a picture with the Queen guys.
So as we're leaving the hotel for day 2 of Hyde Park, I noticed that (of all odd people to see) Boris Yeltsin (yes, the former Russian president) was standing outside the hotel. So I took a picture with him. Then later that day, I met Jimmy Page. Took a picture with him. At the time we were touring with James Brown, so later that same day, I took a picture with him.

When the Peppers showed up that evening for the show, I went up to Chad Smith, and said (bragging) "Hey Chad, here's how my day went..." and proudly proceeded to show him the pictures of Yeltsin, Page, and Brown. 

Jimmy Page and Dave Lee.
Then Chad says (in an attempt to comically make me feel bad): "Dave, I've known you for how many years? And you've never once asked for a picture with ME!"

So, of course after laughing for a couple minutes, I got my camera out and we took a picture. It's hilarious. In the picture, I'm standing with my arm around Chad with a big, proud, smile on my face, and he's looking at me out of the corner of his eyes with disgust on his face. 
Chad Smith is one of the coolest "rock stars" in the world. I really miss hanging out with him. He and Dave Navarro were a blast. They were like a comedy team. 

A day off on the road spent with Chad and Navarro together, is a day you'd never forget. 
Good times!

I wish I had the pic of me and Chad. It's on an old computer somewhere that I don't think will even turn on. Hopefully one day I'll find it."

Question by:
- Raphael Romanelli Andrade de Oliveira - Ilicínea, MG - Brazil

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