19 de fevereiro de 2017

Dave Mail 27: Gifts from Frusciante

John Frusciante is always giving gifts to the people close to him. Do you remember or keep something special that you got from him?

Dave Lee: "I'm not an easy person to shop for. John knows I'm not a musician, so he never gave me instruments or anything like that. My all time favorite band is "Yes". One time for my birthday, John gave me every single CD in the Yes catalog. It was this big bag of CDs. I loved it.

Another time (this was pretty funny), it was Christmas time. This was the year John released like 6 solo albums in six months. We worked a lot. A few days before Christmas, John asked me to find a nice Strat for him to give to his girlfriend for Christmas. Well, I found one. She loved it. Christmas came and went. I remember feeling selfish and a little resentful that he hadn't given me anything (big baby). About two weeks later, I happened to look at my bank account. I was shocked to see A LOT more money in there than I expected. I called the accountant to see if a mistake had been made. She said John had given me a $10,000 Christmas bonus. Yes, I did feel like an A-hole."

Question by:
- Pedro Tavares - Maceió, AL - Brazil

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