23 de março de 2017

Dave Mail 44: In search of a guitar that was played by Jimi Hendrix

I would like to ask if the '62 Strat is very different from a newly manufactured Stratocaster. Is it really a much better guitar or it's just that John cared about that guitar? 

Dave Lee: "This is where it comes down to personal taste. I'm a big fan of Fender Custom Shop "Relic" guitars. I think they feel great. But John wouldn't come near them at the time. Once, Louie Mathieu  (Peppers's then drum tech/tour manager) once said that he felt John only really liked old Strats in the hope that "Jimi Hendrix might have played it". I don't think there's much truth to that. Considering Jimi was a lefty."

Question by:
- Rubio Salas - Olivença - Spain

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