27 de março de 2017

Dave Mail 48: Dave Lee and his favourite tour with the Chili Peppers

Can you tell us which one was your favourite tour with the band? And why? 

Dave Lee: "That's really hard to say. The One Hot Minute tour started off really fun. It was my first big arena tour, working for a headline act. Also, Navarro and Chad were so much fun to hang out with.
But the By The Way tour was great because John was in a really good place artistically, and in his personal life (for the most part. Everyone has their ups and downs). 
Any Australian tour is my favorite. Lol."

We have a picture of you from the time of the One Hot Minute tour, it was taken from a Starlicks Master Sessions video with Dave Navarro.

Dave Lee:
 "Omg. Worst hair ever. That shirt was a joke actually. I wore it in hopes that Dave would let me NOT be in the video. He said "Now you HAVE to be in it". We had fun with that. Although Dave felt his jokes didn't come off very well. He said it made him look like "the biggest asshole in the world". I thought it was funny."

Question by:
- Lucas Carvalho - Vitoria, ES - Brazil
- Jacob Jones - Los Angeles, California - United States

- Bruno Emílio - Varginha, MG - Brazil

Check out our interview with Dave Lee: Português | English

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