1 de junho de 2017

Dave Mail 80: The possible theft of John Frusciante's Telecaster

A few time ago, there was a rumour that the supposed '66 Telecaster, which once belonged to John, had been stolen. However, we know that he possessed two Telecasters, a '60 (with the "F" on the pickguard) and a '63 or '65 (do you know the year? JF claims it was a '65 but Josh says it's a '67) that he gave to Josh Klinghoffer during the Stadium Arcadium tour. Do you know if that story is true? 

Dave Lee: "I don't remember the exact year of John's Tele he gave to Josh. But if it was stolen, this is the first I've heard of it."


News posted by Universo Frusciante - with John Frusciante effects' cooperation - in august 31, 2015: Guitar allegedly once owned by John Frusciante is found after being stolen
News sites from San Francisco, California (like KTVU e San Francisco Chronicle) are affirming that a '66 Fender Telecaster guitar, which was supposedly owned by John Frusciante, was found after being stolen on the southern part of town, on the afternoon of august 16. According to the news, the guitar, which is currently owned by someone else, will be lended to the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame in two weeks for exhibition. Its current worth is around 30.000 dollars.

However, analyzing the image that was posted and having knowledge of John Frusciante's guitar collection, we can say that there may be an error of information from this news piece and the guitar may not really have belonged to him. See why:

John Frusciante never owned a '66 Fender Telecaster, but owned a '63 and a '65.

The '65 Telecaster was given as a gift to Josh Klinghoffer in 2007 and it's quite different from the guitar that was found. Apparently, it's in perfect condition. Besides, Josh is using it on tour. See more information about this guitar in our post O Herdeiro da Telecaster (The heir of the Telecaster).

But the '60 Telecaster that belonged to John Frusciante may really have something in common with the guitar found, in case there was a misinformation given about its fabrication year.

The guitar that, from what we know, is by his side since the late 90's, possesses as main characteristics: the Fender logo on the headstock is almost scratched out (on the guitar found, the logo is already erased), the white pitguard marked by an "F" (that may have been replaced), gaffer tape on the upper edges to reduce friction between the guitar body and Frusciante's arm (which also doesn't exist on the guitar found), and the body which is quite worn out (the guitar found is well conserved). There is the possibility that this Telecaster has been sold and reformed, or given by Frusciante for exhibition. But, since its fabrication year is claimed to be 1966, the article is a bit odd, and cannot be confirmed."

Question by:
Mamede Neto - São Paulo, SP - Brazil

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