13 de outubro de 2017

Dave Mail 106: When the '55 was almost broken by Anthony Kiedis

On the '55 Strat, it looks like there was a chunk of wood taken out around the 18th or 19th fret. Do you know what happened? Was the fretboard planed down to level and compensate for this damage?

Dave Lee: "Haha! Yes. I know exactly what 'happened'. Lol.

We were doing some recording at Ocean Way studios in Hollywood. The '55 was sitting on a stand in the lounge of the studio. Anthony Kiedis had picked it up, and started fiddling with it. And after he was done, set it upright on the couch (instead of the stand). It then slid over, fell off the couch and hit the corner of a table. I couldn't believe it.

Nobody gave Anthony a hard time about it because anybody in that room but myself would've done the same thing. Lol. I took it to Eric's Guitar Shop in Panorama City. He fixed her up."

Question by:
- Dan Taylor - Jacksonville, Florida - United States

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