27 de outubro de 2017

Dave Mail 107: Dave Lee's awful moments with the Chili Peppers

What was the worst technical problem you ever had to deal with during a show? I remember from the crowd at Reading festival 2007 (John’s 2nd from last show), his guitar turned into a huge hum just as he was launching into the Can’t Stop riff, do you remember what happened then?

Dave Lee: "It's funny how people feel compelled to show me videos of the most stressful moments of my career. Lol.

I don't remember what caused that particular problem. But I do remember Anthony trying to tell me he thought it was something he did. Like he had stomped somewhere that caused the problem. I have to say. Anthony always had my back. Lol.

I think the worst one was at the Paladium in Los Angeles. John was a bit nervous because Johnny Ramone was there. We had a problem with the rig and it took a few minutes to get it going again. John really melted down. He threw the guitar down and stormed off. The next day he called me and apologized three times. Lol.

Another big one was when they played Dani California on SNL.

During the performance a camera operator went in for a close up of Anthony. In doing so he dragged his cable across John's pedal board, changing the settings on one of the Moogerfoogers. During the outro of the song John notices it doesn't sound right and then out of anger stomps on the WH-10 wah wah and breaks it. You can see when he walks off he's pissed. In the dressing room he was on fire."

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- Olly Green - Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire - UK

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