28 de janeiro de 2017

Dave Mail 14: Important memory of Frusciante

Could you tell us a random good memory you have working with John? 

Dave Lee: "I'm glad you asked, Ivan.

There's a story I remembered the other day. I've told Pedro I was going send it to him, so here it is.

I grew up in the late 70's and was a huge fan of the band "Yes". At some point I came to know John was a fan as well. We discussed Yes occasionally, and while on a trip to Japan, John and I had discussed their album "Close to the Edge" and I had said how that album really meant a lot to me growing up. Particularly the song "Siberian Khatru".

Upon arrival in Tokyo, we had a day off to recover from jet lag.

The next day at the venue, when the band showed up, I was notified that John was looking for me. My first thought was "Uh-oh. What did I do this time?"

Well, he found me, and said he wanted me to follow him to the dressing room because he wanted to show me something. He sits me down next to the little CD player in the dressing room and plugs his red Jaguar into the practice amp. He then takes out Yes' "Close to the Edge" CD and puts it in. Next he cue's up Siberian Khatru, and proceeds to play along note for note EXACTLY to the song. I mean exactly. Every single part of the 9 minute long epic. And if there was a part with no guitar, he'd play the keyboard parts on his guitar. He just sat there on the floor ripping perfectly through this very intricate song with a huge smile on his face. He even played the guitar fade out solo ending, all the way till it fades completely out. 

And then I realized he wasn't smiling because he was "proud" or "showing off". He was smiling because he knew how much it meant to me. It was like a personal little gift, that he'd spent his whole day off preparing.

And it did mean alot to me.

...still does."

Question by:
- Ivan Roccon - Glasgow - Scotland

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