11 de fevereiro de 2017

Dave Mail 21: The guitar used for recording "Californication"

There is a discussion among guitarists who are fans of John's tone about which guitar was used to record the song "Californication". Some say it was recorded with a Stratocaster - going against Frusciante's claim that it was recorded with the White Falcon - and there are those who agree with him. Do you remember with which guitar the song was recorded? 

Dave Lee: "It was definitely the White Falcon. He had just gotten it, specifically while recording that album. I thought he was crazy to spend $17,000 on a guitar. Turned out to be a brilliant investment. He got that guitar as a tribute to Matthew Ashman of Bow Wow Wow. At least that's what he told me once (I pretended to know who Matthew Ashman was). Lol."

Question by:
- Vinicius Furlan - Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Brazil

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